Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources

Google Maps Creation Tools:

  • Donkey Magic MapMaker – Lots of new mashups are using this great tool.
  • BlipStar – Add a store locator to your business website. Check the TechCrunch review here
  • Mapygon – Add, share and explore locations with polygon overlay markers and paths. (Examples: Versailles, The PentagonGreat Wall of China
  • Mapsack – How-To: Add it to your own blog/website
  • MapSprout – Demo here
  • WikiWalki – Search, Share GPS tracks on Google Maps
  • TripDiary
  • ZeeMaps– Upload addresses from CSV file (Excel, Outlook, Act)
  • Platial How-To – For publishing PlatialMaps on outside websites. Also includes a YouTube video
  • Wikimapia now supports Google Earth – Check out Wikimapia here you can watch.

Mashup Resources:

  • Dynamic Map Icon Generator – There are lots of free mashup resources online but this one is worth the $20 (Paypal) annual rate – create high quality PNG files for your maps mashup using an online web editor! I’ve had a look and used the interface and it’s quite good.
  • Free Map Icons – From the same company as above – a load of free map icons if you don’t wish to create your own.
  • Lassozoomer – bookmarklet that enables fast zoom in on an AJAX map like Google Maps to a rectangular area selected by mouse drag. Add this functionality to your mashup with a few lines of code.
  • Google Maps + WordPress = GeoPress – From O’Reilly Radar. Another WordPress plugin is G-Map.
  • Gmaps 101 – Continuing the Introduction to Google Maps & The Google Maps API V2 (Part 3)
  • Geocoding Functionality Build Into Google Maps API V2
  • GISUser Free Tools and TrialWare
  • Finding and Creating Google Maps Overlays
  • TLabel API Labeling Extension
  • Zmanim Calendar Generator – With Google Maps lookup
  • Online spreadsheets and KML

Google Maps API & Dev Resources:

Google Maps + Images


Viewing Tools:

Other Google Maps Blogs/Wikis/groups:


Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources Part 1 – 8 Here.. (plus more tools) Google Maps Creation Tools Google Maps Viewing Tools

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